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    Very dated arena, kind of like a 70s small village arena just on a larger scale. Nice amount of parking, has new facilities for shows, they are nicer than the hockey arena. Can see why they are building a new facility.
    By Mark N, July 05, 2017
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    I was just there and they have a huge sign oyt front with summer drinks, and one of tge drinks listed for 1.99 was a ice cap. So i asked for a small ice cap she charged me 1.65 and i asked why with tax it shouldnt be that much and she goes yes its 165 in total i said uow when its 1.99 and she said they arnt 1.99 no more??? Well its listed ?? So i told her that again, and i asked since it says 1.99 could she charge me the listed price until they fix and and she was so rude and says i just told you no thats not our price no more !! Didnt say sorry or anything, like how rude. I am simply only asking to be charged the price as jt was listed!!! Get your signs right or else dont expect people to ask why your over charging.
    By Kyla Connors, July 05, 2017
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Worst restaurant ever. I can't believe how rude the waitresses are. And the owner allows it?! I guess the owner has your reviews removed if they don't say nice things about his establishment. I hope he does, I'll just call head office instead.
    By Melissa Orford, July 04, 2017

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